Choosing to Plant Marigolds to Keep Bugs Away

marigoldsWhen you plant a garden, you will do all that you can to keep that garden healthy and to make sure that it grows in a way that is good. You want your vegetables to be at their best, and you will do what you can to keep bugs away from them. If you are someone who is looking to garden in as natural and organic of a way as possible, then you will want to take advantage of some of the bug repelling plants and pest control mesa az services that are out there and all that they can offer to your garden. You do not have to use chemicals to keep bugs away, you can use something as simple as flower plants to watch out for your garden and keep the bad pests away from it.

As you are seeking out the plants that will watch out for your garden, one variety that you do not want to overlook is the marigold. Marigolds are known for their beauty, for the flowers that they produce, but they can also help in keeping bugs out of your garden. When you choose to add marigolds to your garden, you will help to make the space more beautiful while also helping to keep a few different varieties of bugs away. You will find that marigolds are a great option when it comes to organic gardening and to using plants to keep pests away.

Marigolds help to keep away the Colorado potato beetles that can cause damage to your plants. You will find that having marigolds in place will help to keep such beetles out of your garden and away from all that you are growing. Marigolds also repel other bugs such as Mexican bean beetles, aphids, and root nematodes. Bordering your gardenyellow marigolds with marigolds can help you in keeping bugs away from your plants in a way that is natural and safe. You will find that a border of marigolds will look great and also bring about good results.

As someone who will do all that they can to keep their garden healthy, and as someone who would like simple options in regard to keeping bugs out of that garden, you will find that marigolds are a great option for you and that they have much to offer. You cannot go wrong when you choose to add marigolds to the garden that you have planted and that you are looking after.